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HotSpot 300Wireless corporate router for small and medium-sized businesses

  • Description


    HotSpot 300


    In addition to being a wireless corporate router with excellent quality and stability, the HotSpot 300 has the unique feature to publicize and promote the commercial establishments on Facebook¹ in a spontaneous way. Its main functions is to provide access to the wireless network without the need for a password, using only a check-in¹ ² on the commercial establishment’s Facebook¹ page.
    In addition, it allows you to create two networks, one exclusively for the clients and another for the employees, and it has PoE power supply, which combines data and power in the same cable, ensuring savings at installation.

    HotSpot 300

    HotSpot 300
    Wi-FI with the best user experience

    Have you ever gone into an establishment and asked for the Wi-Fi password? If so, you know how common that request is. With the HotSpot 300, you will have Wi-Fi that is open to your customers who, in return, post a check-in¹ ² on the establishment’s page on Facebook¹.

    HotSpot 300HotSpot 300

    HotSpot 300
    Increase check-ins¹ ² on your company page on Facebook¹ and gain visibility

    When you customers post a check-in¹ ² on your establishment’s page on Facebook, your visibility on the social network increases. And since it becomes part of their timeline, their friends can see the activity in their news feed. Obtaining more engagement, the page also improves your ranking on the “Facebook¹ Graph Search” and it will be easier for people to find your establishment.

    HotSpot 300
    Connect up to 60 users simultaneously 

    Most competing routers are unable to support many connected users, making the experience bad for the customer, who cannot browse on the internet. The HotSpot 300 was designed to support a large number of connected users and make your customers loyal so that they return to the establishment.

    HotSpot 300Much greater range of the Wi-Fi signal in the environment

    Common routers have a short signal range, which hampers customer access in some environments of the establishment. With the HotSpot 300, the signal can reach up to 300 cubic meters, thanks to its 500 mW of power and its two 5-dBi antennas.

    ³ Distance may vary according to the environment and the existing obstacles.

    HotSpot 300

    HotSpot 300
    Analysis of the information of your customers’ profiles

    How about analyzing privileges information on the profiles of the clients who post check-ins¹ ² on your fan page on Facebook¹? Using graphs, you can monitor the performance of the likes on your page and identify the profile of the public who frequents your establishment.


    HotSpot 300Create promotions for your clients to post checki-ins¹ ² on your page

    Run promotions offering discounts on drinks or a certain dish in exchange for your customer’s check-in¹ ² on your fan page on Facebook¹.

    HotSpot 300

    Learn how it works

    After configuring your router with the Facebook Wi-Fi¹ function, follow the steps to access the internet through the wireless network:

    1- Connect to the Wi-Fi network
    2- Wait for the automatic redirect screen or open your internet browser
    3- Access the site of your preference, for example, 
    4- Post a check-in¹ ² with your user and password on Facebook¹ and continue browsing on the internet

    Dimensions and weight

    HotSpot 300

    Contents of the package

    HotSpot 300

    » 1 wireless router
    » 2 removable antennas
    » 1 power source
    » 1 RJ45 cable
    » 1 mounting kit
    » 1 user guide

    ¹ The check-in service of Facebook Wi-Fi is a tool provided by Facebook, therefore Intelbras does not guarantee the availability of the service, which may be interrupted by Facebook without prior notice. Find out more about the Facebook Wi-Fi function at
    ² If customers do not have Facebook or do not want to post a check-in, the establishment can provide a standard password.

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