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AMT 2018 EAlarm center monitored with 18 zones (8 + 8 + 2 wired + 24 wireless)

  • Description


    It has LCD keypad, data communication by Ethernet technology, remote  configuration option by TCP/IP, Ethernet link supervision with configurable time intervals, reporting of events for 2 IP destinations (monitoring companies), operation with fixed or dynamic IP and cost elimination with data communication, as it uses the client Internet network infrastructure. Ideal for companies, residences, business condominiums and other small and medium-sized commercial establishments.

    • Supervision of the Ethernet link with configurable time intervals
    • Events reported to 2 IP destinations (monitoring companies)
    • Operation with fixed or dynamic IP
    • Capability to connect to DNS destinations
    • Use of TCP/IP protocol as means to transmit events
    • Download and upload software  (Windows® platform), compatible with most conventional modems
    • Download and visualization of last 256 events including log of date and time
    • Elimination of costs with data communication because it uses the customer’s own Internet network infrastructure
    • Compatibility with most ADSL modems, hubs and routers available on the market
    • Keyed Full Range 90-265 VAC power supply
    • Connection for up to 4 keyboards and 4 receivers
    • Up to 2 partitions
    • User identification via remote control (optional)¹
    • Verification system for sabotage of sensor wiring and other devices (keyboards and receptors)
    • Detection of surcharge in the auxiliary output
    • Detection of short-circuit and siren cuts
    • Detection of cut telephone line
    • Dialer for 8 telephone numbers (2 for monitoring, 1 for download and 5 for personal telephones)
    • 3 communication protocols for transmission via telephone line: Contact ID, programmable Contact ID and Ademco Express
    • 2 monitoring accounts
    • Normal, double and split reporting
    • 2 programmable PGM outputs
    • reset blocking
    • Programmable auto-activation by inactivity or according to schedule
    • Reception of up to 128 wireless devices (sensors/remote controls)¹
    • Programmable intelligent zone
    • Fire zones
    • Automatic cancellation of zone
    • 24-hour zone configuration with audio warning
    • Panic button and Medical Alert on keypad
    • Programmable entry and exit times
    • Programmable siren sounding time in minutes
    • Intruder alert per zone
    • Up to 64 passwords


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