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AMT 2018Alarm center monitored with 18 zones (8 + 8 + 2 wired + 24 wireless)

  • Description


    It has LCD keypad, user names and personalizable zones in the display, user identification by remote control, Full Range switched source of 90-265 VAC (automatic), software for download and upload (platform Windows®), compatible with most conventional modems. Ideal for companies, residences, business condominiums and other small and medium-sized commercial establishments.

    • Keyed 90-265 VAC Full Range automatic power supply
    • Download and upload software (Windows® platform), compatible with most conventional modems
    • Up to 2 partitions
    • Remote access via telephone
    • Download and visualization of last 256 events, including log of date and time
    • Capability to connect up to 4 keyboards and 4 receivers
    • Verification system for sabotages of sensor wiring and other devices (keyboards and receptors)
    • Programmable auto-activation by inactivity or according to schedule
    • Indication of low battery for the wireless sensors (Intelbras series 2000 sensors)¹
    • Detection of low/absent batteries, inverted polarity and/or short-circuit
    • Detection of over-voltage in auxiliary output
    • Detection of short-circuits and siren cuts
    • Detection of telephone line cuts
    • Dialer for 8 telephone numbers (2 for monitoring, 1 for download and 5 for personal telephone numbers)
    • 3 communication protocols: Contact ID, programmable Contact ID and Ademco Express
    • Normal, double and split reporting
    • 2 monitoring accounts
    • Programmable and intelligent zone system (prevents false alarms)
    • Intelligent battery charger with protection against short-circuits and polarity inversion
    • Reception of up to 128 wireless devices (sensors/remote controls)¹
    • 64 passwords
    • 2 programmable PGM outputs
    • Reset blocking
    • Capability to configure 24-hour zone with or without audio warning
    • Automatic zone cancellation
    • Fire zone
    • Intruder alert per zone
    • Panic button and Medical Alert on keypad
    • Programmable entry and exit time
    • Programmable siren sounding period in minutes
    • Enabling/disabling beep during system activation/deactivation
    • Real-time visualization of central status and control of operations (activation, deactivation, bypass, etc.)
    • Resettable protection fuses


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